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** FALL 2023 ONLINE***

Soccer Registration has closed.   Spring registration will begin early January 2024.

FEES: $12.00 Cal South Fee + Processing Fee for all Credit Card transactions





*2005-players can be registered if still in high school*

New players must upload their birth certificate when registering       

For More Information Regarding Registration please email the appropriate registrar below:

BIRTH YEAR 2016-2019      Vanessa Roseli 

BIRTH YEAR 2015-2006      Erika Saucedo



Registration for FALL begins ONLINE JUNE 28                 

1 Child


3 Children


5 Children


2 Children


4 Children


6 Children



**There will also be a $12.00 Cal South Fee**

**A Processing Fee for all credit Card payments will also be incurred for all registrations**

Division Setup

  • U5 & U6- Co-Ed; U8-U12- Gender Specific; U14 & U18- Co-Ed
  • What do your registration fees include? Uniform (socks, jersey and shorts), end of season trophy/medal, pictures and all referee fees.
  • What age can your child begin?  All children born in 2006-2019 are eligible to participate in our league for Fall 2023.
  • Is our program for beginners? Our recreational program is opened to all new and experienced players. Our league also has a club program which requires your child to try out and be selected.
  • What is needed at the time of registration? All registration is done online and the fees, birth certificate (if new or not uploaded) and a current photo of your child.
  • Practice Schedule? Practices are set up by your child’s coach and are typically 1-2 times a week, practice time typically doesn’t start earlier than 5:30pm but do vary by coach.
  • Practice Locations? Although we try to ensure most practices are at our complex, however, due to the size of our league and space, we may move teams (this is based on coaches’ preferences to one of our other sites) U5-U12 typically will practice at our Soccer Complex, U14-U18 will practice at Merced Elementary. Please note: if coaches have multiple teams, they may request your child’s practice to be at a neutral location outside of the above mentioned.
  • Game Schedule? Games schedules are released 1 week prior to the start of the season and are on weekends with some weekday games depending on division.
  • U5 and U6 general game times anywhere from 8-12pm
  • U8 generally 11-5pm
  • U10 and U12 8-5pm
  • U14 and U18 (will vary on Fridays and Sundays)

Game Location? All games will be played at our Soccer Complex located at 1615 W Merced Ave, West Covina Ca 91790. Some U14 and U18 may be played at Edgewood High School.

What is needed at 1st practice? Cleats, shin guards, ball (size 3 for u5-u8; size 4 u10-u12; size 5 u14- u18), WATER.

What does my child wear to practice? Comfortable clothing, preferably no denim. Active wear is preferred.

Special Request? If you have a special request, please make sure to note that on your registration under special comments, also please email your division registrar the same day you register, or your request may not be fulfilled. We try our best to make all accommodation, but it is never a guarantee.

How are teams determined? In order to create fair and balanced teams, we complete team forming the week we close registration. Team forming is completed by taking our player ratings and distributing them across each team to create balanced teams based on those ratings. All coaches are allowed 1 Asst Coach and 1 Buddy.

When will the first game be? T.B.A Coaches contact BY SEPT 1st, 2023, Practice begins August 28th or September 5th. First games SEPTEMBER 16th (subject to change)

***outlined dates are subject to change based on field availability. ***

***As with all activities and/or sports hydration is extremely important. Please make sure your child is properly hydrated not just on practice and game days but throughout the week as well. Proper hydration will help eliminate fatigue and injuries.

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Section 1        President


The President shall preside at all West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation Board meetings and call special general membership meetings.  The President shall be an Ex-Officer Member of all committees and shall appoint all committees and shall appoint all committees not required to the elected.  In case of a tie vote at any meeting, the President shall cast the deciding vote.


Any person applying for the position of President of the Board of Directors of West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation shall have been a member of the Board of Directors for two years prior to being a nominee for the position of President at the General Election held each year prior to Dec. 31st.


Section 2       Vice President


The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence of the President.  The Vice President shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.  The Vice President shall organize and coordinate all procedures for the recruitment and training of coaches.  The Vice President will be responsible for completing Section C of CYSA-S (Main Office.)  The Vice President shall also be responsible for conducting periodic audits of the activities of other Officers of the Board of Directors and will audit on a timely basis the reports of the Treasurer and the Fund Raising Chairman.  The Vice President shall be the Risk Management Coordinator and will be responsible for organizing and coordinating all procedures required for this position.  The Vice President is responsible to convene and guide the Protest/Discipline Committee as deemed necessary.


Section 3      Secretary


The Secretary shall take minutes at all the West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation meetings and shall read the minutes to the Board Members prior to Board meetings and shall keep the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of the West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation up to date, and make copies available to Board Members.  The Secretary shall be the Chairman of the Election Committee.  This may include hard and/ or soft copies.  The secretary must ensure said records and documents are properly passed onto the incoming board members.


Section 4      Treasurer


The Treasurer shall handle all finances of the West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation.  The Treasurer shall receive all monies and, as directed by the Board of Directors, shall disburse funded by checks countersigned by the President or other Officers as the specified by the Board.  The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation and submittal to the Board of Directors of an annual budget and is the Chairman of the Standing Budget Committee.  The Treasurer shall file a annual report at the Annual General Meeting and is responsible for the proper filing of Federal and State Tax forms at the end of the year.  In addition, the Treasurer will provide instruction and assistance to all other Board Members involved in the handling of Corporation’s monies.  The Treasurer shall be responsible to maintain all WCYSC financial records and documents for a period of the most recent 10 years.  This may include hard copies/ or soft copies.  The treasurer must also ensure said records and documents are passed onto the incoming treasurer.


Section 5       Fundraising / Sponsorship Chairperson


The Fund Raising Chairman shall, with the approval of the Board of Directors, plan, organize, and implement projects to raise money for West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation.  The Fundraising/Sponsorship Chairperson shall recruit sponsors, collect sponsor fees.  The Fundraising/Sponsorship Chairperson shall represent the sponsors at all Board meetings and communicate any necessary information to the sponsors.  The Fundraising / Sponsorship will turn over, on a timely basis,  all funds and proceeds earned from said activities to the Treasurer for deposit and recording into the West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation account.  The Fund Raising/ Sponsorship shall maintain adequate records of all fund raising activities and transactions.


Section 6     Divisional Representatives


The two (2) Division Representatives should be a Voting Member who represents the coaches of all divisions to the Board of Directors.  The Division Representatives shall communicate the decisions of the Board to the coaches.  Divisional Representatives shall assist the Vice President in the recruitment and training of coaches in all divisions.


Section 7      Referee Assignor (1)


The Referee Assignor shall be responsible for ensuring that the proper number of certified referees are at each West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation scheduled league game and that said referees are paid in a timely and appropriate manner.  This Assignor shall be responsible for collecting and maintaining all game cards and making these cards available for inspection by the Division Representatives or Board Members.  The referee coordinator is responsible for updating standings within 5 days.  The Referee Assignor shall be a Standing Member in all protest/discipline committees involving referee decisions.


Section 8     Registrars


The two (2) Registrars shall chair the Registration Committee.  The Registrars must be certified through Cal South. The registrars shall be responsible for the following divisions.  Upper- (U14/U18) including all competitive teams, no matter the age division,  (U10/U12)  – Lower-(U5/U8).  Registrars shall conduct player registrations, and new player assignments.  The Registrars shall be responsible for registering all players, coaches, assistant coaches,  with CYSA-S and verify individual and league insurance status.  The Registrars shall, subject to board review, rule on all player drops and transfers and forward such information to CYSA-S in a timely manner.  The Registrars shall be standing Members of all protest committees formed to rule on illegal player protests.  Registrars will be responsible for the following (1) Upper/Mid division –U10-U18-including competitive regardless of division.  (2) Lower division-U5-U8.


Section 9    Team Parent Coordinator-


A Team Parent Coordinator shall provide discretion to all team parents of West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation and be their representative to the Board of Directors.  The Coordinator shall be the standing chairperson of the committee responsible for taking bids for individual and team pictures and coordinating picture day. (Including set-up/tear-down of picture set-up). The Team Parent Coordinator shall be responsible for conducting a Team Parent workshop at the beginning of each season.


Section 10    Field Manager (2)


The Equipment/Field Manager is responsible, subject to Board review, of equipment and other items necessary to the operations of the West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation, maintain adequate records, and provide timely information to the Treasurer for inclusion in the Treasurer’s report to the Board of Directors.  The Equipment /Field Manager will maintain an up to date inventory of all items and equipment owned by the West Covina Youth Soccer Corporation and make these records available to Officers of the Board, upon request.   The Field Coordinator shall also be responsible for insuring that the proper equipment is provided at the start of each playing day and for its removal at the end of each playing day. Including proper locking of goals at end of day.   The field manager is responsible for basic maintenance as needed of fields and or equipment and is responsible for trash removal from the complex on game and event days.  Will assist with setup and removal of goals for all events as required. Ex: Picture Day.




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